How can I help? Some ideas, below:

Editorial Services

Need an in-house reporter? As a trained journalist, I’m well positioned to create powerful news stories and articles for your organization’s website, blog, annual report, and more. From research to interviewing sources to writing and editing, I’ve got you covered. I also have lots of experience coordinating with photographers to ensure words and images exist in harmony.

Content Development

I have yet to meet an editorial calendar I couldn’t wrangle! Whether your current lead time for sourcing content is a month, three months, or non-existent, I can help. Let’s work together to build your calendar from scratch or improve the one you’ve got. We’ll plan a storytelling roster that’s strategic and sharply focused on your goals.


Have a public speaking engagement on your calendar? I want you to sound fabulous. I’ll work with you to strike the right balance in sounding confidently professional, but also very much sounding like yourself. I’m skilled at capturing the tone you’re going for and the message you want to convey, and I can help you practice your delivery until it’s “just right.”


Beautiful b-roll collecting dust on a shelf (or a zip drive)? Give it new life with the perfect video script. Tell me your goals, and I’ll write a script to make the story soar. 

Strategic Planning

The best content in the world is for naught if it isn’t grounded in a sound communications strategy. I’m ready to help you plan out the next six months, year, or longer – all in service of your organization’s larger strategic plans.

Program Integration

Communications products often exist in service of special campaigns, initiatives, or departments. Allow me to work with your marketing department, fundraising team, or other colleagues to ensure your communications outputs serve all key stakeholders well.

Brand Building

A compelling brand is essential for cutting through the clutter and gaining visibility. I can orchestrate a brand refresh, or help you do the due diligence to decide if you’re ready for a comprehensive rebrand.

Media Training

About to get camera ready? Or perhaps a major publication has come calling to interview you? Let’s get you 110% prepared. I’m skilled at running mock interviews, and if you’ll be on TV I’ll share my tried-and-true tricks to help you look and feel great on air.

English Language Localization

I’m skilled in assisting international organizations seeking copy and editing support for communications pieces that will ultimately reach English-speaking audiences. If English isn’t your first language, you can feel confident in my ability to refine your work before it’s published or distributed.